Posted on Jan 03, 2013
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Did you survive the holidays? Now that we are officially into 2013, lots of people have BIG news! It’s going to be a busy year for sure and I thought I would take the time to pass along a little info that might help you out as you plan for your big day! We’re talking weddings, weddings and more weddings!

You’re newly engaged. You’ve recently acquired some swanky new hardware. Now friends and family are bombarding you with questions like… DID YOU SET A DATE?!

Woooah there. You’re going to want to enjoy this engagement period, am I right? Hop over to the Wedding Wire blog for a list of the first 5 things you should do when planning for your big day.

My piece of advice: Don’t get so overwhelmed with the planning that you lose sight of the engagement itself. It can be a stressful time in your lives as a couple, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. Set yourself up for success. You will have an even more spectacular wedding day than you could have ever imagined!

Now if only you knew a photographer…